Red Meat Diet is Deadly for Prostate Cancer Survivors

The American triple decker hamburger with cheese and fries.
The American triple decker hamburger with cheese and fries.

Red Meat Diet is Deadly for Prostate Cancer Suvivors

Studies have supported the fact that animal protein causes cancer and prostate cancer is no different.   So it would behoove cancer survivors to be cognizant of their red meat consumption.  Unfortunately prostate cancer survivors who resume a   typical American diet loaded with red meat, cheese and white bread are far more likely to see their cancer return and lead to their death.   In addition they’re more likely to die earlier of any disease than patients who eat a healthier diet,according to researchers.

The research also provides evidence the American diet can increase the risks for cancer, as well as all sorts of other diseases from heart disease to Alzheimer’s.

There are numerous  studies that have shown that adjusting one’s diet  to  lower the risks for disease.  Mediterranean and Asian  diets, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, olive oil instead of saturated fat, whole grains and more fish than meat, ward off these same diseases.


“Our results suggest that the same dietary recommendations that are made to the general population primarily for the prevention of cardiovascular disease may also decrease the risk of dying from prostate cancer among men initially diagnosed with nonmetastatic disease (cancer that has not spread),” said Dr. Jorge Chavarro of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, who led the study.

Dr. Chavarro and colleagues studied 926 men took part in the Physician’s Health Study, a giant, ongoing research project that follows thousands of male doctors over their lives.

The men whose  prostate cancer hadn’t spread answered questions about their diets about five years after getting a diagnosis and were watched for about 10 years.

“We found that men diagnosed with nonmetastatic prostate cancer whose diet was more ‘Westernized,’ i.e., contained processed meats, refined grains, potatoes, and high-fat dairy, were more likely to die of prostate cancer,” Chavarro said.

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