Atlanta to add 100,000 jobs in 2015

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Because of the growth in the professional and business services sectors, the prospect for the job growth is the largest in the metro Atlanta area since the 1990s.

Wells Fargo Securities senior economist Mark Vitner predicts that Atlanta will add up to 100,000 jobs in 2015. Vitner spoke before Wells Fargo gathered several executives from its commercial banking, commercial real estate and insurance divisions for a presentation to Atlanta business leaders.

“Much of the gain is coming in professional and business services, a broad category that includes several creative fields in the tech sector,” Vitner told the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

“Many of these firms are hiring younger folks that desire an urban lifestyle, which is helping drive demand for office space in Buckhead and Midtown.”

Vitner said there is a demand for walkable mixed-use projects in the Atlanta suburbs.

“Even the suburbs are becoming more urban,” Vitner said, “with many developing or redeveloping urban centers, where people can walk from place to place and interact in a variety of settings. So it is not just the number of jobs being created but also the types of jobs and the types of people filling them that is driving demand for office space.”


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