Vivica Fox slams Kenya Moore over 'Millionaire Matchmaker' boyfriend's marriage

kenya vivica
If the humiliated “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore needed to be consoled over her dream boyfriend, who got married to another woman just a week after the “Millionaire Matchmaker” episode aired on TV, then she won’t get any sympathy or hugs from arch-enemy Vivica A. Fox.
In fact, Fox reveled in Moore’s misery and basically called it karma for her “toxic trick” ways.
These two have history, as you probably know. Fox believes that Moore stole her cell phone while the two starred on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” reality show and posted scandalous things about Fox in addition to keeping up other mess.
So when Fox learned that Moore’s “dream man” went off and married a white woman without even telling her, Fox couldn’t resist shoving the needle of shame and humiliation into Moore even more.
You recall Moore learning of the devastating news about her “boyfriend’s” wedding the other day:
Fox said Moore got what was coming to her:
Someone even joined in and piled in on Moore’s despondency.
It’s not like Fox stopped there. She also blasted someone who tried to defend Moore.

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