Atlanta-area sheriff who shot Gwinnett woman speaks for 1st time

Gwenevere McCord remains in critical condition after another surgery.
Gwenevere McCord remains in critical condition following another surgery.

JONESBORO, Ga — Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, who shot a female real estate agent in the northern metro Atlanta suburb of Gwinnett County, while he was off duty, has finally spoken out for the first time.
Hill, who is the top cop in a county on the southern side of Atlanta, said the shooting of Gwenevere McCord in a model home where she worked, “a tragic and heartbreaking accident.”
Gwinnett County police said Hill called 911 to report that he inadvertently shot McCord, 43, whom he calls “very dear to me,” on Britt Trail Drive in Lawrenceville.
One report from 11 Alive states Hill has been “uncooperative” during the investigation, while another source told WSBTV that Hill has been “semi-cooperative,” perhaps in an effort to delay the inevitable of having felony charges levied against him. According to a third report, if the victim dies, Hill could be charged with involuntary manslaughter.
McCord remains in critical condition inside the Gwinnett Medical Center. The family intimated that she just underwent another surgery to try to repair the gunshot wound to her midsection.
Hill, who was elected under great controversy as he fended off a 37-count corruption indictment only to be exonerated, disseminated a statement to the media about the violent episode to the media:
“As reported, on May 3, 2015, I was involved in a tragic and heartbreaking accident. Gwenevere McCord, who is very dear to me, was critically injured in this accident. Please understand that for the past 48 hours, I have been entirely focused on Gwenevere and her family. I will continue to pray unceasingly for her recovery. I ask you all to please pray for Gwenevere and her family throughout this most difficult time.”
The Gwinnett County district attorney said no charges have been filed yet, but the case remains under investigation.
Meanwhile, two counties to the south, Clayton County Commission Chair Jeff Turner said on Tuesday that Hill hasn’t been at work since the shooting, but remains the sheriff and in charge.


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