Happy Mother's Day? Georgia among worst states for working moms

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This is not the Mother’s Day news that matriarchs in Georgia will appreciate. But according to an analysis, Georgia and other states in what comprises the Deep South rank near the bottom for working moms.
In order to help ease the burden on an under-appreciated segment of the population, WalletHub analyzed the attractiveness of each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia to a working mother.
The publication used 12 key metrics such as median women’s salary, female unemployment rate and day care quality rankings.
Key Stats revealed in the study include:

  • Day care quality is five times better in New York than in Idaho.
  • Child care costs (adjusted for the median woman’s salary) are two times higherin the District of Columbia than in Tennessee.
  • Pediatric services are 12 times more accessible in Vermont than in New Mexico.
  • The ratio of female to male executives is three times higher in Alabama than in Utah.
  • The percentage of single-mom families in poverty is two times higher in Mississippi than in Alaska.
  • The median women’s salary (adjusted for cost of living) is two times higher inVirginia than in Hawaii.
  • The female unemployment rate is four times higher in Nevada than in North Dakota.

Take a look at the worst states for working moms below, according to WalletHub:
Worst states for working moms:


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