Atlanta's legendary 'Ghetto Burger' creator Anne Price has died

anne price
After years of hearing about the delicious and humongous “ghetto burgers that Ann Price created that garner national attention, a few coworkers and I decided to trek over to the famously cantankerous owner of Ann’s Snack Bar to imbibe in this national treasure.
We were all glad we did.
Price, the proproetor of Ann’s Snack Bar on Memorial Drive, passed away on Saturday at the age of 72 according to an obituary posted by Gregory B. Levett and Sons Funeral Homes.
Price’s burgers became so famous that she was profiled separately in two of the most respected newspapers in the world, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ called Price’s beef creations the “World’s Greatest Burger” in 2007.
Her legendary disposition also turned out to be true, we found out personally. There was absolutely no cell phone operation in her restaurant and she did not entertain nonsense nor indecision. She also posted “Rules and Regulations For Service,” which included “Please Do Not: Curse In Snack Bar.” Long lines and wait times were a were a staple of a visit to her restaurant.
But once we finally got ahold of our coveted burgers, the seemingly eternal wait was well worth it. And so did millions of others, it has been repeatedly reported.
“People come here from all over the world, people from everyrace,” Price, told the Times in 2010. “Everybody wants to know: what is a Ghetto Burger?”

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