Now these are white boys a sista' could fall for [Pics and video]

Colin Farrell, good lord!
Colin Farrell, good lord!

*Haters, this would be your invitation to turn away ’cause we ’bout to have some fun!
As hook-ups go, just because you can’t realistically be with someone–for reasons out of your control (such as they are married, in a relationship, or sadly, even worse); it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.
You notice I didn’t mention something as ridiculous as not being with someone because of their race. That’s a choice that only a woman who is content with the possibility of being alone for life would make.
But let’s take a look at the white men that sista’s might say, “to hell with a color line” over! Not only because these men are fine as hell, but there is something about their personality…their swag…that reaches beyond the color line and just pulls your human spirit in.
*Let’s start with Mr. “Hey girl,” himselfRyan Gosling.
Fine ass Ryan Gosling
Now, for a moment, just forget the fact that he is a new dad, happily in love with his lady, Eva Mendes. They boy is fine! Ryan just seems like he’d be a great buddy. Someone who you could call and say, “Hey, let’s go and do something crazy!” and he’d be like, “Hey girl, I was just thinking ’boutchu!”
Ryan, 34, was born in Canada; got bullied in high school; and intentionally dropped his Canadian accent as he grew because it didn’t “sound tough enough.”
He is an Academy award and Golden Globe nominee who has done an innumerable amount of great films with A-list actors; but may be most recognized for his role in The Notebook.
I, however, began to really pay attention to him in the 2011 thriller, Drive.
3 things you may not know about Ryan: (1) Gosling was diagnosed with ADHD in high school after he found reading difficult. (2) Ryan quit high school in his last year to concentrate on acting. (3) Ryan Gosling was raised Mormon.
*Next up, the incomparable Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp, even though the grunge look may go a bit far sometimes, you are still eye-candy.
Johnny Depp, even though the grunge look may go a bit far sometimes, you are still eye-candy.

Now who wouldn’t love Johnny Depp? With those smoldering good looks and that chill personality, he’s somebody a sista’ could easily imagine hanging out in the neighborhood bar with, or just being at home listening to music and stuff…
Johnny just seems to be down for anything. The weirder the better. As an actor, Johnny Depp has no equal. He picks great roles that show his range. Of course, he will forever be identified as “Capt. Jack Sparrow” from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, but can you believe it was that weird role as Edward Scissorhands that made Hollywood recognize him as a leading actor? And he’s not afraid to tackle films he believes in (“Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” was superb!), though Hollywood may not. For example the ill-fated films, “Dark Shadows” and “Transcendence.”
But alas, the 51-year-old Kentucky-born actor recently got married to gee-that-was-a-quick-courtship girlfriend, Amber HeardThis, following a breakup (after fourteen years) with his children’s mother, Vanessa Paradis.
Who knows, there may be hope yet.
Just kidding, JD. Really hope this works out for you.
Kind of.
Something you may not know about Johnny Depp:  When Depp tried to get back in high school, two weeks after quitting to concentrate on a music career, his principal told him not to bother. That he should follow his dreams instead.
Lucky for us, he listened.
*Next up, Brad Pitt. Yummy!

He's BRAD PITT for goodness sake. What???
He’s BRAD PITT for goodness sake. What???

Ah Brad, we drool just looking at you. Excuse us, Angelina Jolie. But there is just something so cool about your man. I guess you realized that too..and that’s why you stole him right from under Jennifer Aniston‘s nose. And homeboy never looked back.
But I digress.
Brad Pitt is the epitome of rugged-looking fine. Even when he does his total unshaven look…heck, even when he recently showed up to a public event with that bruise on his face – you know, when he fell up the stairs wearing his flip flops – he was even cute then.
Sort of. In a painful kinda way.
And I think what’s most attractive about Brad, is he doesn’t appear “full of himself.” He’s obviously not caught up in the whole Hollywood thing, and he seems to be a great dad. A real family first kind of guy.
Not saying that was always the case, cause Brad, we did watch you doing some weird things growing up.
For instance, at a dark point in the 90’s you said.
“I got really sick of myself at the end of the 90s: I was hiding out from the celebrity thing; I was smoking way too much dope; I was sitting on the couch and just turning into a doughnut; and I really got irritated with myself. ‘What’s the point? I know better than this.”
But you got yourself back together, and appear to have come out of it: a better person.

'Memba him???
So nice had to do it twice. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

Oh, and kudos on the way you’ve stood by your significant other; during her bouts with cancer.
That’s real cool.
You are just one bad mutha’, Pitt. And we adore you. Period!
Some things you may not know about Brad Pitt:  (1) He studied journalism in college, but dropped out two weeks shy of graduation. (2) We know dude is as serious an actor as they come. But I’ll bet you didn’t know Brad voluntarily went to a dentist to have his front teeth chipped for the role of “Tyler Durden” in Fight Club. His teeth were fixed after he finished making the movie. (3) Brad dated actress Robin Givens for a time.
*Next up: Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell, good lord!
Colin Farrell, Lawd have mercy, I repeat!
OK Colin, maybe our love for you is just about looks. Because as quiet as its kept, we don’t know a whole helluva lot about you. Just that you’re fine as hell.
But you do appear to have a good head on your shoulders, especially when it comes to relationships in Hollywood.
You once said,
“In my life I’ve had relationships with women that weren’t in the public eye that have been pulled into the public eye as a result of the nonsense of celebrity and being close to me, and I hate that and I hated that for them. And so that would be just another thing that would lead into my reticence to being in a relationship.”
You also added that after a breakup, it’s sometimes better to spend time alone.
But I really think its that very intense gaze you seem to carry with you, wherever you go. To demonstrate what I mean by this, I guess I can do something I learned when I studied writing children’s books. Show not Tell.
Watch Colin in the new Dolce & Gabana ad for ‘Intenso’ directly below to see what I mean:
Colin, too, is a father who adores his children. One of whom is special needs. As of this writing, he is single.
Interesting tidbits you may not know about Colin Farrell: (1) He’s terrified of flying and suffers from aerophobia. (2) He doesn’t like watching his own movies. It makes him nervous and he will go out of his way to avoid it.
*Next up, George Clooney!

The very debonair George Clooney
The very debonair George Clooney

Now why did I all of a sudden start thinking about the “Ocean’s Eleven” when you popped up, George. After all, Brad was smokin’ in those films too. And you played the character of ‘Danny Ocean’ so well, they made “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen” just because of you!
But you, boyeeee! Your charm, brilliance, believe-ability…well, I guess that’s why you’re a critically acclaimed, award-winning actor.
I share a quote from another of my favorite actors, Hugh Laurie (“House”). You know him, he’s working with you on your new movie, “Tomorrowland.”
I thought this was an interesting comment:
”(Filming action scenes) was very exciting. We trained for that. We got into unseemly clothing … so, I’ve seen parts of George Clooney that other people have not necessarily seen. I’ll treasure that memory.”
However, Laurie gave you a favorable rating in the personality department. Something that seems rare even when he’s not in ‘Dr. House’ character: He was disappointed that he was unable to find your ”dark side” because he says you seem like the perfect man.
Guess that’s why that smart attorney snatched you up!

Wow, George Clooney! I'd forgotten about this fine young man!
Wow! I’d forgotten about this fine young man!

You make us anxious to see “Tomorrowland” George Clooney. I guess we’ll have to be satisfied with this clip in the meantime:
Failures are infinitely more instructive than successes.–George Clooney
An interesting tidbit about George’s high school years: You would never guess, but George Clooney experienced a flood of bullying and harassment as a teen in high school. Why? It stemmed from a dark year, when he experienced Bell’s palsy and the paralyzing of facial muscles that comes with it. He recovered by the end of the year, but will never forget being a target.
And finally…and this is a sad one because he is no longer with us.
The unforgettable, Mr. Paul Walker

Gorgeous Paul Walker. Gone too soon. RIP.
Gorgeous Paul Walker. Gone too soon. RIP.

Just look at those dreamy eyes.
And I hear he was as kind and awesome as he looks.
Paul once said, Life’s too short. And the biggest curse is falling in love with somebody.
We were so saddened to hear about the horrific car crash that killed this fine actor and his friend who was the driver.  And his friends did such a moving tribute to him on the 2015 Billboard Awards.
Sometimes its easier to have a film tell the story, when you feel your words just won’t amount to the depth of your feelings. So take a look at the video below, where Paul Walker’s dad talks about his son and also mentions his love for the cast of his last film, “Fast & Furious 7,” especially Tyrese, who co-starred with him.
Boy this was fun!
I know I’ve missed a bunch of white boys a sista’ could easily fall for, so sista’s feel free to help me out with names I missed. Or give me YOUR take on those I’ve mentioned.
Why should our brotha’s have all the fun!
Seriously, love does conquer all. Those who actually think it doesn’t may be setting themselves up to (in the memory of Ricky Ricardo!) ‘have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do’ later – because you never know what the future holds for you.
I used celebrities in this article because they are more recognizable to the public.
How did you feel about this article? Let us know.

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