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Hollywood Casting and Film, the leading professional casting studio in Los Angeles that provides actors and aspiring filmmakers with the critical tools needed to discover and audition top talent, today announced that it’s bringing ‘Hollywood to Your Hometown’ in Atlanta with the launch of its casting platform for actors and filmmakers. The Los Angeles-based company is leveraging its success in Hollywood to create a thriving entertainment community comprised of actors and filmmakers in Atlanta, Georgia. Actors can now visit the national platform at www.hometowncastingandfilm.com to learn about audition opportunities in the Atlanta market and find out how to get involved in local productions.
All auditions are web-based, allowing actors to constantly audition for films from the comfort of their own home. The casting platform provides actors the opportunity to film themselves on a camera, tablet or smartphone and easily upload their audition footage to the Hollywood Casting and Film database where it can be instantly viewed by filmmakers from all over the country. Actors are able to sign up for a Pro Membership for $1.95 the first month, and as low as $9.95 per month thereafter to receive free casting notices in Atlanta and audition for projects online.
“Hollywood Casting and Film is leveraging our success in Los Angeles to bring acting and filmmaking opportunities to the top talent in Atlanta, Georgia,” said Vinay Bhagat, co-founder of Hollywood Casting and Film. “Over the years, we have learned one important lesson: while Hollywood remains the entertainment capital of the world, there are creative, passionate and talented people everywhere, just waiting for their chance in the spotlight. Rather than forcing these people to move to Hollywood for the chance to even audition, we’ve instead decided to bring this casting service to select hometowns throughout the country to allow them to audition for exciting film projects which can eventually provide a stepping stone to pursuing their career goals in Hollywood. Now artists anywhere in the country, and specifically in Atlanta, can hone their craft and forge relationships with other creative professionals in their communities.”
Recognizing the need to not only support actors located outside of the Los Angeles area, but to also expand the filmmaking industry to other markets, Hollywood Casting and Film’s service will bring local actors and filmmakers together in Atlanta to make short films, feature films, commercials or other projects. In addition, Hollywood Casting and Film will be producing its own short films by hiring local directors in Atlanta, effectively bringing Hollywood to our hometown. Taking the concept of community one step further, once projects are cast, all actors and filmmakers who are members of Hollywood Casting and Film will then have the opportunity to volunteer as crewmembers in roles ranging from scouts and prop masters to production assistants and makeup artists, constantly providing openings to work with creative professionals in the Atlanta entertainment industry.
Hollywood Casting and Film works with entertainment industry veterans such as David Dean Bottrell, actor and director known for his work on Boston Legal, Hrach Titizian, actor and producer known for his work on The Men Who Stare at Goats and Homeland, and Leilani Downer, writer and producer known for her work on Growing Pains and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. These advisors host classes and educational opportunities for HCandF actors as well as provide online feedback on members’ auditions. “As an advisor to Hollywood Casting and Film, I’ve used my experience writing and producing for hit TV shows to help the company develop quality content that will speak to actors and filmmakers everywhere,” says Leilani Downer, writer and producer.
Hollywood Casting and Film opened its doors in 2012 with a mission of helping actors increase the number of quality auditions they receive for short films, feature films and commercials. Today, Hollywood Casting and Film is a top casting venue for independent and student filmmakers to find and audition top talent, while giving aspiring actors opportunities to find and audition for a wide variety of quality projects in a professional and safe environment.
For more information about Hollywood Casting and Film’s national platform and to find out how to get involved in Atlanta, please visit: www.hometowncastingandfilm.com. Hollywood Casting and Film is currently hiring Atlanta-based filmmaking partners to produce original content. Filmmakers interested in the opportunity to work with Hollywood Casting and Film may visit the website for more information.

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