'Cosmopolitan' magazine blasted for saying black beauty is dead

Social media went volcanic and put Cosmopolitan magazine on full blast when the fashion magazine had the audacity — the unmitigated gall — to dare suggest that white standards of beauty were”in” and that black beauty need to R.I.P., as in rest in peace.
The fashion magazine editors illuminated its opinion on what they believe is the “in thing” when it comes to beauty by publishing side-by-side pictures of celebrities and models.
Cosmopolitan originally ran the beauty guide in January, but today the feature entitled “21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015” is facing serious scrutiny on social media.
The point of contention and controversy is this: all the women of color on the list were listed as “out,” while the rest of “in” women were all Caucasians, as you see above. cosmo7
When urbanites got wind of Cosmopolitan’s January issue, they stampeded onto Cosmopolitan’s website and social media sites to drop some serious flame-throwing comments, and deservedly so.
Observe below:

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