Atlanta hosts Windsor Street Park playground ribbon cutting

Atlanta City Council President Ceaser Mitchell knows the importance of attractive, up-to-date playgrounds in the healthy physical and emotional development of children with two small kids of his own.
He along with the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation and other city dignitaries hosted a special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new installation of the Windsor Street Park playground just south of downtown Atlanta.
“I am not here as council president. I am here as a father to a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old daughter. And whenever we pass by a park and they see a playground, they ask and demand and order me to stop,” he said. “So I wanted to be here to inspect this playground to make sure that my children would want to stop here and have a good time as well. More importantly, this is so great for the children who are here today. When children have the opportunity to come to the park, and when parents have the opportunity to come and relax and watch their children play and play with their children, our parks are used more frequently. And that is so important.
“On behalf of Mayor Kasim Reed, we are trying to do this kind of community investment throughout the city of Atlanta in both big and small ways. Playgrounds are on the best way for kids and families to just really take advantage of their parks. We really could not have done this without a great team at Parks and Recreation and Park Design who really leading the effort to help shape the skyline of our city,” said Amy Phuong with the Department of Parks and Recreation. “And we hope young boys and girls will be playing on this for generations to come. This means so much to the city.”
The playground is a replacement of a previous small swing set installed in 1993, now inclusive of swings, slides, and climbers. The total park cost, funded by Department of Recredation and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant, is approximately $99,000.
For members of the community, some of whom observed the ceremony from their perches on the front porches, the renovation of the playground is an important part of the revitalization and beautification of a neighborhood on the rise.
“This is an important day for the Mechanicsville neighborhood, who have turned around this part of the city and have brought in a lot of new families. This is great for the children,” said Cleta Winslow, the city councilwoman for District 4. “This play lot is something that the Mechanicsville Civics Association have really been pushing for several years. So thanks for the Department of Parks and Recreation for hearing their cry that a new park was needed here and that new play equipment was needed for the children.”
As part of the celebration, a special dedication was held for the late Peggy Harper, a
well-known community advocate for the City’s most underserved communities. Harper was instrumental in establishing a plan to revitalize the park playground.
The Windsor Street Park playground ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration followed the opening of the Grove Park playground on March 18, 2015.
DPR invested approximately $109,000 to renew the playground park.
Take a look at some of the photos of the children (and dignitaries) breaking in the brand new playground at Windsor Street Park below:

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