7 things you didn't know about Chris Brown's baby mama Nia Gonzalez (PHOTOS)

  1. Gonzalez partied with his much misused ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in May of 2013 in Las Vegas.
  2. She is a member of Jas Prince’s record label, Y.E.M.G, Young Entrepreneurs Money Gang and close friends with Jas’ ex-girlfriend, Christina Milian.
  3. Gonzalez and Chris Brown must have had sexual relations during that time, which is when the baby would have been conceived. Even though they are not in a relationship, they seem to get along and have come to mutually-agreeable parenting agreements.
  4. Gonzelez has posed for such magazines as ModelMayhem. This must have initiated her career in videos.
  5. Gonzalez was featured in Phill Wade’s “Dreams of You” music video.
  6. Karreuche had no clue that Gonzalez and Brown were hooking up.
  7. Gonzalez originally told another man he was the father of the 9-month-old baby, and he’s been raising her since birth. That man is now crushed after being blindsided. You can’t help but feel bad for a man who stepped up only to have the relationship trap-door open up underneath him.

Take a look at some hot photos of Gonzalez:


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