Medical marijuana bill passes in Georgia House of Representatives

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Calm down, weed heads. Before you start blazing up, understand that only the Georgia House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to decriminalize the possession of a form of medical marijuana.
It still has to get through the state Senate. And that will be a much harder fight, the media reports. And even if the bill gets through the Senate and becomes law, it can only be used for medicinal purposes.
Under legislation House lawmakers passed 158-2 and sent on to the state Senate, Georgians who bring the marijuana derivative cannabidiol obtained outside of Georgia into the state for treatment of certain illnesses would not be subject to prosecution.
Supporters have been pushing medical marijuana legislation for the last two legislative sessions so that Georgia parents of children with epilepsy and other seizure disorders wouldn’t have to move to states where cannabidiol is legal to get critically needed treatment for their kids.

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