Sickle cell anemia added to Georgia's medical marijuana bill

State representatives said that after discussions among legislators, sickle cell anemia will be added to the list of maladies that is covered under the Georgia House Bill 1.
If the the bill passes, it would decriminalize medical marijuana in the state of Georgia in the form of cannabis oil, according to state representative Allen Peake.
African American legislators and sickle cell organizations were initially outraged that the disease which mostly impacts blacks was removed from the list.
“Members of our house, who came and expressed a real desire to include sickle cell on the list of conditions, … came to the conclusion that it makes sense to add sickle cell as a disease that could potentially benefit from medical cannabis, so we’re going to add that by amendment,” Peake said.
The list of illnesses covered under the current version of the bill includes cancer, seizure disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS aka Lou Gherig’s disease, Crohn’s, Parkinson’s, Mitochondrial disease and Fibromyalgia.
Peake said the list was developed, in part, by looking at other states that have legalized medical marijuana. He says, in all of those states, patients with cancer, seizure disorders, and Multiple Sclerosis are eligible for the drug.

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