Vanilla Ice arrested for home burglary

Vanilla Ice in the early 1990s
Vanilla Ice in the early 1990s

Former “rapper”-turned-home renovator Vanilla Ice has been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft for stealing a neighbor’s furniture in Florida.
The singer, born Robert Van Winkle of Dallas, who skyrocketed to fame in the early 1990s through the corny, bubble-gum rap song “Ice, Ice, Baby” is charged with stealing a pool heater, bicycles and other stuff from a vacant home in Florida, Rolling Stone reports.
Lantana police reported that Vanilla Ice, the star of a home renovating reality show called the “The Vanilla Ice Project, was fixing up a nearby home and allegedly thought it was okay to go into an abandoned home abandoned next door and take the items in question.
The problem is, someone still owned the abandoned home.
When the rightful owner of the home — and the property inside of it — learned that the items were taken, he quickly deduced that the rapper was responsible and filed burglary charges against Ice.
The Lantana police were able to secure a search warrant a search warrant and recovered some of the items.


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