Man who claimed to be 'delivered' from being gay was brutally beaten

Andrew Caldwell, who man who became a video phenomenon when he declared that he was was delivered from homosexuality at the COGIC religious convention last year, said he was recently the victim of a hate crime in Florissant, Mo.
Caldwell was allegedly the victim of an unprovoked beat down in the parking lot of a strip mall parking lot as he was going to his car. He posted the photos to his Facebook account.
According to Caldwell, two unidentified men walked up to him and punched him in the face. After the assault, the men fled in a black automobile while taunting him with anti-gay slurs.  As the men drove away they shouted, “I’m not gay no more!”
Caldwell seemed to make a declaration that he will resort to any means to protect himself from here on out when he posted the following message:
“Ever since I talked about my deliverance from the sin of homosexuality, I have been receiving threatening messages by email and social media. I fear for my life. I have been physically and verbally attacked. I feel that I will have to do whatever it takes to protect myself.”
Here is a recap of the video where Caldwell said he was delivered from homosexuality:
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