Kandi Burruss' BFF, Gocha, blasts back at Demetria McKinney

There’s new drama heating up for “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” new face, Demetria McKinney, who’s dating the notorious Roger Bobb, an Atlanta-based entertainment mogul most popular for his work with Tyler Perry.
Demetria has been issuing tongue lashings since she was introduced to fans of the show. While she seemed to turn the other cheek during a recent episode when a friend of Kandi Burruss’, Gocha Hawkins, admits to having a past relationship with on-and-off boyfriend Roger Bobb, she had choice words for the hair mogul after the show aired,gulps tea.
Here’s what Gocha shared with rolling out exclusively, just a couple hours after we spotted her at R. Kelly’s birthday bash with her partner Dice:
I’ll make this short and sweet because I don’t have much to prove.

On Sunday’s episode of RHOA, I informed the newest “friend of the show” that I’d previously dated her boyfriend (November 2012 to May 2013). We’ve been on dates, which people have witnessed, [attended] different events and we also lived in the same building where we frequent each other’s dwelling… But hey, that doesn’t sound like a one-night-stand as Demetria would say. I’m just saying!! I called it off with us because of the lies and out of pocket s*** he would be tied up in. However, I wanted to clear that up based on what Demetria has said. “Sock?!” He never admitted to me nothing [except] she was his artist. Seems like she was the side chick … never seen her out anywhere with him. Some have said it was inappropriate and some have said it was mean, but for the type of women I know and consider friends and bosses, it was real talk. I’ve seen Demetria’s response to the episode in which she stated that I needed the spotlight, a few minutes of fame and some attention. Not so, sweetie. As my fans, supporters and followers know, I’ve made quite a presence on television on my own account. Unlike, this “singer,” this isn’t my first season appearing on the show and I’ve also been seen on “RHOA: Kandi’s Wedding,” “L.A. Hair” and “LaLa’s Full Court Life.”
I can also say that each of these appearances have a check, in some form, attached. Unlike her, I’m not using this as a platform to promote songs and videos (that don’t work). Like I said and she acknowledged, I am in a great relationship and loving every minute of it. It’s also funny that she referenced Beyoncé’s song, because it’s one of my favorites, but then again, Beyoncé is one of my favorites and I have enjoyed being able to say I’ve worked with her as well as Serena Williams, Keyshia Cole, Vivica Fox, R.Kelly, Pitbull and a host of others. I’ve also been animage consultant for the NBA for over 10 years. I am currently the owner of Gocha Salon, Wrecklez Clothing Boutique, Wrecklez Hair Care Products as well as Gocha Illumination Foundation Inc. Yes, I work. (Visit www.gochasalon.com for more info).
Speaking of clients, to call a truce, I want to offer Demetria a complimentary hair service to help her out with those witness protectionwigs that she wears. It’s 2015, there’s no reason for anyone’s hair to look like that. I’ll also be glad to dye her hair or any worthy weave whatever color she’d like, since she’s so fond of my blue. As I type this, I’m figuring out what color I’ll do next.
Demetria, no hard feelings. You seem to have enough issues. Oh never say you know your man and who he would date. LOL that has you now retracting your story. With that, I’ll make a toast: Here’s to you, your relationship, getting a peach next season and your “singing career.”

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