Gov. Deal, Mayor Reed vow preparedness for 2015 winter storms

Georgia’s governor and Atlanta’s mayor vow there will be no repeat of the 2014 winter snow storm debacle that subjected the metro Atlanta area to national humiliation.
Metropolitan Atlanta road crews said they have the training and equipment to counter any snow and ice storms this winter.
The State of Georgia purchased multiple salt barns for a total of 30 facilities, after running out of salt in the winter 2014 debacle.
Atlanta’s interstate highways and state roads turned into parking lots and thousands of commuters were stranded overnight on the roads during the snow and ice storms in January of last year.
Deal and Reed developed a plan after poor handling of 2104 winter storms embarrassing themselves the city and the sin 2014.

  • The state, which in charge of the interstates and state roads, reportedly bought 90 new snow plows and new brine spreaders for a total of 500 pieces of equipment.
  • The state mandated that personnel from a number of state agencies, including transportation, forestry and state patrol, undergo drills to prepare for worst case scenarios.
  • The state developed a Winter Task Force that studies the best way to handle future storms and augment the infrastructure in place.
  • The state spent $14 million on new road clearing equipment in order to clear the streets quicker than last year.
  • The governor’s winter weather task force also developed communication strategies with state and local agencies and school districts.

“What we want to make sure is we’re drilling, we’re drilling, and drilling,” said Bart Gobeil, with the governor’s Winter Task Force.

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