Shocker: Former Atlanta Cop Found Guilty of Police Brutality

In a bit of news that will shock citizens based on the recent trend around the nation, a former Atlanta police officer was sentenced to 10 years in prison for using excessive force.
But before you start throwing babies up in the air in celebration, the white officer was convicted of police brutality against a white victim. In fact, the victim says he was “attacked for being white in a black neighborhood,” the AJC reports.
A jury found former officer Nick Dimauro guilty on four of five charges, including aggravated battery, guilty of aggravated assault and guilty of two counts of violation of oath of office.
As a consequence for his belligerent disregard for the laws he was supposed to uphold, the  judge sentenced Dimauro to 10 years, with five to serve in prison.
Here’s the lowdown: Dimauro reportedly stopped Robert Wormley in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood at 2:30 a.m. four years ago.
Shortly after questioning, Wormley allegedly took off, but Dimauro caught up with him in a backyard in the neighborhood then beat him with his baton, severely injuring him. Wormley spent four days in the hospital with broken teeth, broken ribs, a concussion and other injuries.
Dimauro said Wormley fought him, and he used his training to detain him.
One of Dimauro’s former partner was near tears as he told the judge it’s easy to condemn officers for mistakes the make in split-second decisions, WSBTV reported.
“What he did was his job. The fact that some people can sit around in an office and make it look like he did something else will only hurt what other officers are going to do in the future,” said the officer.
The judge was unmoved by the testimony.
“My sentence is going to be 10 years, to serve 5 years in custody,” said the judge.
Photo: Fox 5 News.

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