tiny harris (abc news interview)*Tiny Harris and T.I.‘s marriage was on the rocks for a period of time. And now she’s opening up about it to Mara the Hip Hop Socialite.
“We are – we’re in a much better place,” Tiny said. “We’re together. We’re working on it.”
But talking about her marriage isn’t the only thing she opened up about. Also, she talked about the criticism she received after permanently changing her eye color.
“I think it’s crazy because if you wear contacts, you’re changing them for the look. I just decided to permanently do it – it’s the same thing. If you wear contacts to change your color, then you are changing your look.”
Nevertheless, she doesn’t care about the criticism. She’s willing to have even more work done after that procedure.
“If I needed it – if I felt I needed it, but I don’t really need anything. I’m not opposed to getting something done if it looks good. If my chest gets out of whack, I’ll go fix them if I want to.”