Milian Can’t Get in Reginae’s Sweet 16? – Jill Scott Defends Bill Cosby

christina milian 3Christina Milian (pictured) tried it, but it didn’t work. Reginae’s mother, Toya Wright, denied Lil Wayne‘s girlfriend access to her sweet 16 birthday bash, according to Sandra Rose.
Wright recently discussed Milian’s messy dating habits (with Lil Wayne)  with Vlad TV. This would explain why Wright dismissed her at her daughter’s birthday party.
Nevertheless, Milian was last seen in LA with Karrueche Tran at brunch. Therefore, some folks believe she never made it to Atlanta.
Reginae celebrated her birthday and received a all-white Ferrari from mom and stepdad Memphitz and a red BMW from Lil Wayne.
Bill Cosby and Jill ScottJill Scott came to BIll Cosby‘s defense on Twitter. She claims the media and society are trying to destroy his legacy — after he’s done so much for entertainment and black livelihood.
Critics of Scott’s point of view came for her. And she quickly responded — noting she doesn’t support rape culture, but she supports Cosby for the lack thereof evidence and his significance to the world.
@JasBaileyTweets sides with Mr. Cosby? No. I side with substantiated proof when media/society is attempting to destroy a magnificent Legacy,” she tweeted.
@KristensWay I’m respecting a man who has done more for the image of Brown people that almost anyone EVER. From Fat Albert to the Huxtables,” she added.
She continued with, “@curlyheadRED shame? Mr. Cosby’s allegation are on two major mags if not more but he’s not charged and there’s no proof.”

She concluded with, “rape is a despicable, cowardly crime. If you’ve been raped- plz do NOT shower, go to police IMMEDIATELY, have a rape kit done. GET EVIDENCE.”

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