Funky Dineva’s Open Letter/Apology to Kenya Moore

funky dineva
(Via – Let me cut straight to the chase. Finding out that Apollo lied on Kenya has partially changed my opinion of her. Let me start out by saying when we were first introduced to Kenya Moore, I feel like she came on a little too strong. That rubbed  a lot of people the wrong way. Then there was the whole scandal with Walter that left people questioning her character. Even without solid proof, Kenya’s previous behavior made it very easy for us to believe anything that was said about her because her integrity had already been compromised. When you compound Kenya’s past antics with the thought that she tried to get withApollo it definitely shapes the way you receive everything about this woman.
No tea no shade, because of Apollo’s lies, I viewed Kenya as a whore, received her as a whore, and at times treated her like a whore on my site. Damn you Apollo! To now find out that all the whore treatment was unwarranted, I’m sitting here wiping egg of my face. Watching the tears stream down Kenya’s face last night led me to believe that this woman is in need of a healing. LOL. I ain’t God, but I can offer this heffa and apology. It’s a start…
Check out my Apology letter to Kenya Moore:

Dear Kenya Moore,
Let me start off by saying when I found out that you would be joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta I was overjoyed. I kept thinking OMG that history making beauty queen lady is really going to add some class and legitimacy to RHOA. Boy was I wrong. Much to my dismay, Kenya you are crazy as hell. All things constant, you fit right on with the ladies perfectly. Adding further insult to disappointment, when Apollo said what he said about you, I went from side-eyeing you, to closing my eyes on you altogether. I’m cool with Phaedra and Apollo, and just like the other ladies, I took what Apollo said as the gospel and treated you as such. For that I am sorry. Unlike Apollo was able to do, let me be specific. I am sorry my role in perpetuating the notion that you were a whore and tried to sleep with Apollo. I’m sorry for the mass dissemination of information that may have painted you in a whore light, albeit I did not know the information was false, and was just reporting what I saw on the television. Lastly, I apologize for really not giving you a fair chance because I thought you were trying to suck my friend’s husband dick. I’m sorry.
Now don’t get it twisted, I still borderline don’t see it for you. To be honest, every time you tootsie roll your ass across my screen I roll my eyes so hard that I’m now blind in my left eye, and developing cataracts in the right. Quiet a its kept, I might need to sue your ass (the way you threatened to sue me READ : Kenya Moore Threatens To Sue Blogger Funky Dineva For Exposing Her – Ohhh You Mad Huh?) because My Obama care package did not include vision insurance, and I need my vision to continue to throw shade at you in the future and make coins off it. Hopefully this whole Apollo revelation will open the door to me one day seeing it for you. Only time will tell, but I did want to offer up an apology. Again, I’m sorry…
Funky Dineva Ross
PS. – You are slaying these hoes with your confessional looks!!


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