4 Atlanta Bridges Rated Near Collapse Levels

The city of Atlanta has a laundry list of infrastructural improvement needs that total more than $900 million, including four bridges that are rated at or near collapse levels, Mayor Kasim Reed states.
Reed has stated in the past that this is a major reason why the city could not pay the Atlanta Braves price tag to keep the Major League Baseball team downtown.
The mayor is going to propose a $250 million bond that will begin to address the most dire problems, particularly the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive corridor.
“Candidly, the list is so long it’s really not going to be a big secret,” Reed tells WXIA-TV. “Our (repair) backlog right now is in excess of $900 million. So we really do know the critical projects. They really are projects you’re not going to have a lot of debate about.”
Reed said the city has “four bridges that, by any serious engineer, are rated at or near the point of collapse, that are connected to central arteries in our city.”
Reed did not divulge what bridges he was referring to, but said the MLK corridor is central to the infrastructural improvement plan.
“The ML King corridor is going to be a very important part of it, if I have anything to say about it,” Reed said.
Reed is more than a little irritated that the MLK Drive corridor does not honor the iconic civil rights leader better than it currently does.

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