'Shut it Down Atlanta' to Hold Rally to Protest Ferguson Grand Jury Decision


Protest rallies popped off in multiple metropolises on Monday night, including New York.

An Atlanta organization “Shut It Down Atlanta” will hold a protest rally at Underground Atlanta to articulate their disappointment with the St. Louis Grand Jury’s decision to exonerate Ferguson officer Darren Wilson who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown. The event is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday.
@_robella: Underground Atlanta. 5pm. Text “@ShutItDownATL” to 23559!pic.twitter.com/Q3qHrNGNah” @GAFollowers @UniteBlueGA #GA #UniteBIue
— Kawana VOTE2014 Todd (@inch2high) November 24, 2014
The coalition had posted this on Facebook on Monday afternoon, before the Ferguson decision was delivered by the grand jury:
“As we speak, a grand jury is convening in Ferguson to decide whether or not Darren Wilson will be tried for the murder of our brother, Michael Brown. There has been no transparency about when the verdict will drop, but Atlanta needs to be ready to hit the streets whenever it does! Our government doesn’t value us enough to deem us worthy of honesty, so this is a time to stay WOKE.”
“A coalition of organizations have planned a vigil being held immediately after the verdict…Plan to participate. Plan to speak out, and be loud. Plan to be heard. We cast our vote, family. In the ballot box, and on the block. Police brutality must end. It is Unanimous.”

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