Erica Mena Dishes about Breakup with Ex-Girlfriend; Bow Bow in Bed

erica mena,Erica Mena has moved on from ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana and “Love & Hip Hop New York.” But she is madly in love with Bow Wow and his ability to tame her.
Mena opened up to Vibe about her engagement, her surface-of-the-sun-hot sex life and her relationship with her ex-girlfriend.
On her relationship with her ex she said, “one thing that I learned really early on, is that you could never be friends with people who want your life. So many people started to get in her ear, and it came from people that were her friends. Coming into this relationship, or any of my relationships, it was no secret how wild and crazy I am.”
She added, “as soon as cameras roll, everyone wants to play a victim when they’re dating Erica. From one minute to the next, me getting turned up in the club – the same thing I do with you – is a problem now because your friends make it a problem. So the best way to describe our breakup is, a lot of the worthless people in her life somehow were able to influence her. And that caused us to really have no choice but to part ways.”
WIld and crazy as she might be, Bow Wow tamed her. Although some critics feel she’s with him for his money instead of really being in love with him. But she said not only is she in love, she’s submissive.
“I’m very submissive with him. Very. He’ll give me look. It’s like whatever he wants. I don’t know why. It’s hard to explain. He makes the rules. He’s in charge. He has control,” she said.  “I don’t know, it’s just the way he is. He doesn’t play no games. And I think I just have so much respect for him more than anything.”
She added, “that’s what it is, once you find a man that loves you, you instantly have no choice but to give him all the respect in the world. That’s our role as women when we come into a relationship, to respect and honor your man. I never once respected someone as much as I respect him. That naturally keeps me in my place.”
Nevertheless, Mena said Bow Wow is great in bed, which sometimes she can’t believe since her fiance is a famous rapper.

“Oh yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And that’s crazy. ‘Cause you know how you’re like, they see him as Lil’ Bow Wow? I become Lil’ Erica with him,” she said.

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