Chris Brown Puts the Lyrics of Tupac’s ‘Lord Knows’ on His $500k Lambo (Look!)

chris brown,
Chris Brown had a vision — a vision to paint the lyrics of Tupac‘s “Lord Knows” on an already-gorgeous, $500,000 Lamborghini. He would… and he did!
chris brown carBrown posted pics of his Lambo’s re-creation with, “@tattoo_huero just hooked my lambo up wit 2pac lyrics! #illshit,” and the finished product, “@tattoo_huero just hooked my lambo up wit 2pac lyrics! #illshit.”
According to TMZ, it took the artist, Huero, 16 hours to give Brown’s visual inspiration life.  He hand painted the lyrics on the roof and the hood.
Nevertheless, the song contains the f-word and n-word, but Brown made sure these words were not included on his visual car project.
This isn’t the first time Brown got inspiration to redecorate his Lambos. There’s the powder blue verison, the Hot-Wheels version and the fingerprint residue version.

Brown received mixed reactions for painting his Lambo with Tupac’s lyrics — everything from, “dope” and “way to ruin a nice car.”

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