Michael Brown's Killer Darren Wilson is Quitting the Ferguson Police Department


darren wilson2
Michael Brown, left, and Darren Wilson

Ferguson Police Department officer Darren Wilson will not be a police officer anymore in the city, regardless of whether he is charged with the killing of Michael Brown or not.
According to CNN, which just broke the news, embattled and exiled officer Wilson — whom some outlets have speculated is currently living in the Atlanta area — is in negotiations to quit the police department following the St. Louis County grand jury decision. Another media source leaked the fact that another high-ranking Ferguson police officials whispered that he does not expect Wilson to get charged in firing the fatal shots that took the life would-be college student, who had just turned 18 and would have started college in a few months.
Police Departments in major metropolitan areas nationwide have augmented their forced with equipment and personnel in anticipation that Wilson will be exonerated of all charges.
Wilson is reportedly retiring, citing the fact that he would forever be a distraction to fellow officers and would, therefore, put his coworkers in harms way.
Stay tuned to further developments in this fluid story.

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