How to Get Away With Murder recap: ‘Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me’

So,  last night the ish hit the fan, absent a new case to distract us and get us back to the business of focusing on who killed Sam. What we do know is that  rugs and drugs, hook-ups and prenups, all played a part.
Back to the beginning and the bonfire. SAM AND ANNALISE are fighting, “like Arabs and like Jews” and just as Michael Franks says in his classic song, “Love is monkey see and monkey do.” And Annalise’s awed students have sworn to protect her.If you recall, Annalise has just told Sam that she called the cops and it’s only a matter of time before they DNA test him and link him to Lila’s pregnancy. So Annalise is packing a suitcase, ready to ditch her husband, and Sam sticks to his same old story—”I only lied because I was afraid you’d think I killed her!” It’s the, umpteenth time we’ve heard him say it?”I’m done saving your ass!” she hollers while packing multiple blouses and her favorite pashmina. “I’m done believing in you! I’m done loving you!” She tells him about her affair with Nate, how he can make her scream and groan and sweat (and do the same to network censors), and it sends Sam into a mad fury. “I think of Lila every time I try to get off with you!” he shouts, and then he starts choking his wife, just like he probably choked Dead Girl Lila on the roof of her sorority house after she told him she was having his baby.

With his hands around Annalise’s neck, Sam is terrifying—and rude. “You’re nothing but a piece of ass,” he calls HIS WIFE. “That’s how foul you are, you disgusting slut.” (Ironically, this is what I say to myself after a heavy night of Taco Bell.) And if we didn’t already know Sam was dead, these barbs would surely be cause for us to wish a quick death on him now that he’s insulted Queen V in such base terms. Annalise begs, “Kill me, kill me, kill me,” but he lets go because she’s a series regular and she storms out of the house while he storms off to pour himself a good stiff one.
Then Michaela comes by, unannounced, (I don’t know how Sam and Annalise allow these kids access to their home like they do, especially with what’s going on in there!) but anyway she comes by to return the lady Justice trophy.
Michaela notices that Rebecca has entered the house, and Sam wheels around to discover his sworn enemy at the foot of the staircase. Rebecca pauses and stares at Sam, and then Michaela. “Call Wes.” And Rebecca runs upstairs, heading straight for Sam’s bedroom, and Sam chases after her. Meanwhile Michaela is one the phone with Wes giving him the blow-by-blow.
So Rebecca has locked herself in Sam and Annalise’s bedroom to download incriminating files that will put Sam sawy for life. i mean he will be so far under the jail that even the brilliant Annalise couldn’t get him out of.
ENTER WES, LAUREL, AND CONNOR, who have arrived to join Michaela as they confront Sam. “Let her go, and we’ll leave,” Wes demands. Sam looks like he’s going to agree, and then he switches the script, tackles Rebecca and Wes and it’s on. But as Sam goes after Rebecca, Michaela pushes Sam… who goes flying off the staircase, hitting his head on the bannister as he and landing on the floor like a lead ball.
Damn, So they think Sam’s dead, and everybody is milling around trying to figure out what to do, Sam returns from the jaws of death and this time they have to put that dog down for good … with lady Justice and blood on everybody’s hands.

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