Motivational Speaker/Author Monica Carter Debuts Book ‘Celibate Fabulous & Fearless’

monica carter
Motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur Monica Carter debut’s book “Celibate Fabulous & Fearless” and it caught the attention of men and women alike!
As you can imagine the topic of celibacy has been a taboo topic and Ms. Carter delves right into it in hopes to enlighten others!
Ms. Carter was born in St Louis, MO, however she has been in Southern California since she was four years old. Monica received her M.B.A. degree in and although she is multifaceted, her gift and passion is inspiring and motivating people!
Her novel is based on her autobiography, experiencing tragedy that almost resulted in death, deceived, humiliated, love, pain, grace and mercy, she felt she could relate to many people and wanted to teach back what she had learned in her arduous journey.
She hopes to spread her positivity near and far and evoke thought so we can begin to talk about the things that truly matter in today’s society!
Currently her book is sold on & and will soon be on a national book signing tour!


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