Kim Kardashian Literally Butt Naked on ‘Paper’ Cover; See Kanye’s Response

The publication wants to “break the Internet” with its winter covers of the reality TV star. The second cover re-creates French photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s famous “Champagne Incident.”
While everyone and their mama has been tweeting their opinion of Kim’s decision to go nude (Lorde reminded her that she’s a mom), her husband Kanye West had no problem with the cover.
He tweeted:

TMZ is claiming that Kim wanted to do this cover as a “last stand before getting pregnant again.”
The website reports:
We know Kim is telling close friends and family she’s about to get pregnant again, and wants to show off her body before the weight gain. She’s proud she dumped the weight after North was born and wants to show her tight figure off.
As for Kanye … we’re told he’s the opposite of jealous. He loves her public displays.
Our sources say there were a number of pics the photog took and they will be released soon. The photog — Jean-Paul Goude, is famous for shooting nude celebs, including Naomi Campbell.
The Kim pic is actually a recreation of the famous champagne photograph that Goude shot in 1976. The model is Carolina Beaumont.

And we’re told … this will not be the last nude photo shoot before Kim gets pregnant again. She plans a few more, but it’ll happen soon because she wants baby #2.

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