Fulton County District Attorney's Daughter Accused of Hosting Party with Drugs, Alcohol

The daughter of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard has been accused of throwing a party that included drugs and alcohol.
An Atlanta police report obtained by WSBT-TV states a security guard at midtown’s Twelve Centennial Park Hotel spotted 30 minors in a suite Saturday consuming alcoholic beverage and smoking marijuana.
The report says Howard was chaperoning the party.
Howard vehemently disputes the accuracy of the report. He says unknown teenage boys boys who were not invited crashed the hotel party, a common occurrence at many parties, particularly teen get-togethers.
“At no point did I see any evidence of any drinking nor did I see or smell any marijuana,” the father of the 18-year-old daughter said in a statement. “If that had been the case, I’m sure the police would have been called and my daughter and her friends arrested.”

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