Best Parts of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 7 Premiere

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Marriage Implosion: 
Phaedra Parks sought refuge in a hotel room in Augusta, Ga., three hours away from her home and husband Apollo Nida when the judge lowered the thunder on the felon for federal wire, bank and mail fraud. Apollo takes full responsibility for his actions.
“I understand what I’ve done is illegal. It’s wrong. But it’s fixable,” he says. His marriage? Not so much. Apollo has a huge chip on his shoulder because of Phaedra’s absence…but she shows no sympathy for him. “Apollo’s a big boy…he will have to deal with his choices, today, alone,” she says with finality.
When they finally saw each other face-to-face they had the final showdown with both parties volleying insults and blame back and forth. As he heads off to federal prison for eight years, he demands a divorce — but he also wants her to come up with a plan so that he can have a soft place to land once he gets out of the slammer.


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