Brawl Breaks Out on 'Love and Hip Hop Hollywood' Reunion

lhhh Morgan-Hardman-Princess-Love-Cover
Another reality show reunion, another brawl.
“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” apparently refuses to be outdone by the ratings-busting reunion of its sister franchise, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” so they summarily commenced with a fight at their own reunion special.
For fans of LHHH, it is no secret of the strife between Ray J’s girlfriend, Princess Love, and his former assistant Morgan Hardman, especially since she accused him of attacking her. The two tried to settle their beef right there on the set taping of the LHHH reunion, according to
The entertainment blog said there were verbal darts being tossed back and forth between the two women during the filming on Monday in New York City after Hardman began trash-talking Princess and Ray J.
It is there that Hardman accused Ray of attacking her. She also told the world that Ray J was so petty and vindictive that the psuedo-rapper kicked her son off of his basketball team just to slight Hardman.
Ray J denied Hardman’s claims on both accounts, countering that her son isn’t old enough yet to be on his basketball team.
The accusations were enough of a fuse to set off Princess and she reportedly hauled off and sucker punched Hardman in the face, sending her soaring to the ground.lhhh Morgan-Hardman-Broken-Hand
According to the report, paramedics were called to the scene and treated Hardman, who later posted a photograph on herself on Instagram, wearing a cast on her right hand.
In the aftermath of the alleged fight, both women responded. Check out what they had to say:

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