Richard Tanner, bit player no more in “No Small Parts”

richard tanner
Another one man show recently hit the theater circuit in Los Angeles and ironically no small feat was accomplished when actor Richard Tanner mounted  his one man show No Small Parts at the quaint Hollywood Lounge Theatre.
It’s a Wednesday night, one show per week engagement through November 19, 2014. The per usual actor’s bleeding heart tale turns out to be an energetic, autobiographical  excursion throughout the ups and downs of Mr. Tanner’s career, which has consisted of mostly “small parts.”
Tanner fully commits every part of his being to depicting youthful ambitions, diverse and ridiculous role castings and heart wrenching real life scenarios such as death, depression, odd jobs and homelessness. Tanner only touched upon the dramatic before bouncing off another punch line or quirky interjection, which could possibly border the actor’s real life coping mechanisms.  While leading roles may have eluded him as of yet, his talent is undeniable.  He is interesting, funny and electric as the normal guy or the wacky guy, but it would have been nice to see more of those painful moments evolve on stage un-rushed, and not so quickly detoured to the next mark, joke or audio visual cue.  No Small Parts was made even more engaging by the generous use of multi-media effects, complete with Mr. Tanner’s sizzle reel where the audience was fortunate enough to see a glimpse of his 75+ feature film and television roles, which have included The Agency, The West Wing, Monk, Star Trek and dozens more.
Richard Tanner also dispels the myth that issues of race and culture in Hollywood are designated to only one group of people.  Hilarious, sad but true details were disclosed about him as a Jewish actor from Long Island either being suggested or being cast as a terrorist, an African American, an Indian or any other number of stretches that only Hollywood seems to get away with when done well.  Although No Small Parts can be enjoyed by anyone, this is an actor’s piece, a Thespian’s story and an artist’s tale.  It’s for those who know that there is no way to measure the immeasurable importance of all who grace the screen or the stage absolutely knowing that there are No Small Parts.

No Small Parts is written by Richard Tanner and directed by Jim Fall.  It is presented on Wednesdays now through November 19th 2014 at the Hollywood Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California 90038.  For tickets call (323)661-4374 or go to Street Parking Available. Recommended for mature audiences.

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