Fashion Watch on: The cost of a fake bootie

If you go to ask a doctor you can find out anything.

It seems like a large posterior has become a fashion statement but a lot of women were not born with a well-endowed behind so how do you get one without ordering out of a catalog?
An Atlanta surgeon says there are basically 2 safe ways to get buttock augmentation.
First and preferred is using your own fat after careful micro-liposuction by a board certified Plastic Surgeon.
Second, is buttock implants.
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Most people with enough fat are requesting the removal fat from areas of excess fat and injecting the fat for better buttocks. If you don’t have enough fat, using implant for buttock augmentation is a better option.
The cost of your surgery really depends of the area of the country, the surgeon and hospital. However, plan to spend between $8000 to $14,000. The average cost is about $9-10K in Atlanta.
The most important decision is to make sure that your surgeon is trained in surgery. That is a real Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I just want to know what does it feel like when you sit down?

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