Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson to be Released from Atlanta's Emory Hospital

One of the Texas nurses who treated contracted the Ebola virus while treating deceased Thomas Eric Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital will reportedly is now completely free of the deadly virus
Vinson is scheduled to be released from Atlanta’s famous Emory University Hospital, the hospital said.
Amber Vinson, 29, had flown to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport a couple of weeks ago to plan her upcoming marriage, stopping off in nearby Akron and other places in Northeast Ohio. Upon her scheduled return to Dallas, she came down with a fever. She reportedly called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and was granted permission to get on the plane.
It was determined after she landed in Dallas that Vinson had the Ebola virus. She was subsequently flown from Dallas to Atlanta and admitted to the hospital’s Serious Communicable Disease Unit on Oct. 15 and is now virus-free.
Vinson is expected to speak at a 1 p.m. news conference at the hospital.

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