The Chicago Defender Endorses Jesse White for Secretary of State

Jesse White to the left accepts award.

The Chicago Defender endorses Jesse White for Secretary of State because he has done a remarkable job in restoring integrity to an office tainted by scandal under his predecessor he has improved public service. He has made road safety a top priority; upgraded the DMV technology making the services internet accessible like driver’s licenses and license plates, shortening long waits. He has taken steps to make the roadways and young drivers safer. He has worked with legislators on numerous bills to crack down on drunk driving and is working to expand requirements for breath tests to operate a vehicle. He has worked with law enforcement to require in-car cameras along with breath devices for DUI offenders. He has pushed for tougher sanctions on unsafe truckers.
Jesse White deserves your vote Nov 4. because he’s been effective and the right man for the job.
We endorse Lisa Madigan (D) for Attorney General because she has achieved lengthy list of accomplishments. If her past is an indication of the future than we can expect even more. Perhaps she will focus on corruption.  Her consumer protection efforts have been exceptional, she’s been a stanch defender of government transparency through the state’s Freedom of Information Act and finally her office has paid for itself,
“We endorse Democrat Lisa Madigan for a fourth term as Illinois attorney general.”
We endorse Congressman Brad Schneider (D, district 10) because he he’s a union man and supporting workers rights. Brad he strongly stands for protecting our environment, preserving promises to our seniors, ensuring women have full access to health care, supporting sensible measures to reduce gun violence and ensuring everyone has the right to marry whomever they love.
The Chicago Defender endorses Congressman Robin Kelly (D- district 2) because she Robin Kelly is a woman of integrity and conviction, throughout her career, Kelly has been meticulous about separating her campaign activities from her government work. When she ran for state treasurer in 2010, she subtracted from her time sheets any activities that could be considered election-related. In that campaign, she resigned from her job in Cook County to run full time. That’s rare among Illinois politicians. Also her passionate advocacy to end gun violence with common-sense solutions addresses her constituencies concerns. The 2nd District residents, some of whom live in Illinois’ most impoverished communities, deserve this a full-time advocate in Congress. We endorse Kelly because she is best suited for the job.”


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