Michael Brown Mural Gets Painted Over In Trenton, NJ

Michael Brown muralA mural of Michael Brown in Trenton, New Jersey has been painted over.
The Times of Trenton’s Jenna Pizzi reports the mural, which features Brown in an American-themed graduation cap and gown with the description: “Sagging pants is not probable cause,” was painted over Monday afternoon.
The Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) decided to remove the mural because police officials expressed concern “that the mural sends a negative message about the relationship between police and the community,” Pizzi wrote.
TDA Executive Director Christian Martin provided more details regarding the action as he told The Trentonian’s David Foster that some Trenton police officers stated that they were “uncomfortable” policing the area where the mural was located.
The officer’s opinion about the mural differs from Will “Kasso” Condry, one of the lead artists responsible for the mural. In his eyes, the mural could “start a conversation about racial profiling.” Condry and the other artists behind the mural work with Sage Coalition, a non-profit organization “dedicated to inner-city beautification projects.”
The removal of the mural, which was painted two weeks ago in Trenton, is the latest development to occur in relation to the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Brown, which occurred on August 9 in Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson. At this time, a decision on the case has not been reached by a grand jury, which will decide whether or not to bring formal charges against Wilson.

Regarding the mural, a Trenton Police Department spokesperson mentioned that the removal came as a result of a “discussion” between officers and TDA rather than a direct “order.”
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