'RHOA's' Kenya Moore Blasts Porsha Williams on Demotion; She Fires Back

Kenya Moore suffers from delusions of grandeur and an affliction called inflated view of oneself. However, her ratchetness and craziness is applauded, enabled and even promoted on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So when Porsha Williams, who does not stomp on others to promote herself, got demoted on Season 7 of RHOA, Moore began chirping on this non-ending bird beef before the season even gets off the ground on November 9 at 8 p.m.
Seems like Moore’s hairline is still burning from when Williams yanked a chunk of it out during their fight at the Season 6 RHOA reunion and she wanted to try to demoralize her from a distance since Moore did not put up much of a fight while Williams was standing in front of her.
During a recent interview with Enstarz, Moore was asked about Williams’ demotion to “friend” status and Moore couldn’t resist the bait and threw some serious self-delusional hate at Willaims:
“Um, honestly I don’t have any thoughts about it.” Then she added, “It’s just that I’ve made people relevant on this show for negative occurrences and I’m just not doing that any more. I think people need to stand on their own two feet and not ride my coattails, and you see when they don’t ride my coattails, they don’t get very far.”
Delusion personified, as we duly noted.
Williams no longer holds a peach on the promotional photos, but she has a permanent spot on the nationally syndicated on “Dish Nation.” When got a whiff of the hate wafting from Moore’s mouth, Williams returned fire at her hated adversary:
“She can’t be talking about me.  I mean….you’d have to be doing something for somebody to ride your coattail right?  You’ve got to be on the way to progression and being successful for somebody to ride your coattail.  I thought. Is that not what that means? I’m just sayin….”
We predict this won’t be the last time that audiences will hear of those two going back and forth.
Stay tuned for more …

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