Stacey Dash Encourages Ebola Quarantine ‘Centers’ For Every US City

There’s no question that the Ebola crisis is currently putting people in fear. But Stacey Dash came up with a solution that makes some sense in helping to combat the virus.
On Monday, the Fox news contributor made her voice known on “Outnumbered” by stating that every city in the US needs a place that specializes in handling Ebola.
“I think they should set up special centers for just Ebola in each state,” said Dash, who co-hosted the show with Harris Faulkner. “They shouldn’t be letting people go into regular hospitals, where it could be spread.”
“I just think that for this specific disease, we should have a special facility with specially trained people,” she added. “In each city. That way it’s not spread, and when the person walks in, they know what they’re looking for, they know if they find it, they know how to contain it. And they know how not to infect themselves.”
Prior to Dash’s suggestion, Faulkner mentioned how he felt that the “government is really letting us down” because no one had been appointed to fill the role of surgeon general, and the CDC director was forced to do two jobs.
“I don’t care what party you are, you’ve got to get your stuff together,” she stated. “We need a surgeon general. We need a pinpoint person. Look, from both sides of the political aisle this weekend, they started saying, where is this person?”
Faulkner’s comments come after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blocked President Barack Obama‘s nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy for surgeon general earlier this year. Paul’s reason for blocking the appointment stemmed from Murthy considering guns to be a threat to public health.

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