2nd Ebola Nurse Transported From Dallas to Atlanta's Emory Hospital

A second Dallas nurse who became infectected with the deadly Ebola virus while caring for the now-deceased West African Thomas Eric Duncan has been flown to Atlanta and is now being housed inside Emory University hospital.
Amber Vinson, 29, did not fly into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport, but the nearby Peachtree DeKalb Airport, according to CNN. From there, Vinson was transported to Emory wearing protective gear.
Emory is the same renowned medical institution that cared for the first two health care workers who actually contracted Ebola while in West Africa. Both were healed with a specialized Ebola medication.
There’s great controversy surrounding Vinson, at the least, and a brewing scandal at its worst.
Vinson flew on a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth on Monday despite having an elevated temperature of 99 degrees. She was in Cleveland to further plan her upcoming wedding in Ohio.
Before boarding that commercial flight with hundreds of other passengers, Vinson smartly called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and asked officials if it was okay for her to board the flight. She was never told not to get on the flight, CNN reports, therefore Vinson flew back from Cleveland back to Dallas.
After she was diagnosed with Ebola, CDC Director Tom Frieden admitted the nurse should not have gotten on a commercial flight. Officials at the CDC and the Texas Health Department have apologized and top officials at the organizations have been summoned to appear before Congress on Thursday to answer for the mistakes.
Vinson’s dire diagnoses closely follows that of nurse Nina Pham, who had been diagnosed with Ebola a few days before.

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