Megan Good Nude Photos Leaked; Actress Blasts Hackers

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In what is apparently the second round of celebrity female nude leaks, hundreds of naked photos are continually being released of female celebrities after their phones were hacked due to a loophole in Apple’s iCloud.
Meagan Good, 33, is  yet another victim in the event that everyone on Twitter is talking about. Meagan posted a response to the hack on her social media, confirming the legitimacy of the photos.
On Saturday, Sept. 20, another victim, Gabrielle Union, called on the U.S. Department of Justice to track down the perpetrators of this invasive act when nude photos of hers were hacked into and released into the public. Adored songstress Jill Scott was hit earlier this month by the same suspected hacker. 
Good was horrified that her private photos are now available for public consumption.
“I’m definitely in shock,” Good fired back at her unscrupulous, amoral hackers. “Saddened for everyone who is experiencing this… but I choose not to give the persons responsible my power.
“At the end of the day, we all know these pictures were for my husband… and at the end of the day, evidently we all know how I feel about my titties. That’s all I’ve got, folks.
“Oh yeah, and for everyone who’s reposting the leaked nudes? You should be ashamed of yourself… You have a blessed day now.”


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