Social Media Memes Sound off on Adrian Peterson Child Abuse Debacle

A national debate is raging across a wide swath of the American public about what is appropriate parental punishment of kids in the wake of the Adrian Peterson child abuse controversy.
Peterson, universally considered one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time, has been indefinitely suspended by the Minnesota Vikings — again — after he was suspended last week and then reinstated on Monday. Most observers and pundits attribute the Vikings quick reversals on their decisions to the pressure applied by corporate sponsors who either pulled back their dollar support and/or chastised the team for playing a suspected child abuser.pete17
The exiled gridiron great is not permitted to have any contact with the team until his legal quagmire is resolved. Peterson is facing up to two years in prison if convicted on child abuse and child endangerment charges stemming from leaving very visible marks and injuries on his son after allegedly beating him naked with a “switch.”
Another debate is raging on social media, mostly via Twitter and Instagram but also on Facebook, in the form of memes that articulate folks’ stances on the issue. Take a look at some of the most interesting posts concerning Adrian Peterson and the child abuse debacle.
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