Ne-Yo Calls 'Atlanta Exes'' Monyetta a Liar about Burning Her Tubes

Ne-Yo put his ex-fiance and baby mama, “Atlanta Exes” star Monyetta, on full blast for allegedly lying about saying singer-songwriter made her get her tubes burned so that she could not have anymore children.
Monyetta confessed to having her tubes burned so she couldn’t have any more kids with her baby’s daddy Ne-Yo. It wasn’t a problem when they were planning to get married. but after the couple broke up, she was left with her dreams of having another child shattered.
After nearly getting buried under an avalanche of negative press or supposedly taking away her child-bearing abilities, Ne-Yo finally fired back at the accusations of being a tyrant, saying that the two mutually agreed to have no more children.
“As a family we decided, we didn’t want any more kids. Once we learned that our second child was a boy we were in the office high-fiving like ‘Yes. We’re done, The doctor hit us with the option,” he told Hello Beautiful.
“If we done, we done, we decided we didn’t want anymore kids, we — emphasis on the we — decided we didn’t want anymore kids.”
Later, on Ne-Yo issued another statement to the general public:
”I’ve made my apologies to the people I feel I wronged. I was forgiven by those people. Anybody else passing judgment on me for my past mistakes and immaturities is more than welcome to it.”
He also added this, perhaps a stinger meant for his ex-girl Monyetta:
And this:


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