Which Celebrity Big Butts Are Fake? Author Kim Smedley Exposes Them in Explosive Book

‘The Backside of the Story’ Book Exposes Celebs


Author Kim Smedley, left, with a fan of the book, “The Backside of the Story.”

Kim Smedley can identity, with pinpoint precision, which celebrity females’ big booties are fake.
How would Smedley know this? That’s because she injected many of them herself as the professional posterior pumper for the better part of a decade.
Smedley has recently emerged from federal prison after serving three years for conducting an illegal, interstate butt injection operation that netted her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for about nearly 10 years. She has poured the contents of her life and experience of running the underground booty-boosting business into a provocative and poignant book, The Backside of the Story, to peel back the layers that are covering up the underbelly of the body-alteration business.
Smedley recently hosted a book signing in Atlanta, the place where she made her illicit riches and lived the first-class, five-star lifestyle as she jetted all over the North American continent injecting hundreds upon hundreds of thirsty women who craved the onion-shaped booty.
Nyssa Green, the owner of Emmy Award-winning Green Room Agency, certainly understands the pressures the worlds standard places on women to be. Curvacious.
” It used to be that curves and pressure to be vulumptous was a black thing or placed on women of color, says Green. But with the J Lo booty phase and Kim Kardashian booty seems pressure is on all women in the industry to maintain a certain body shape,” Green surmised.
Green asked Smedley if she thinks this pressure from society is why women are willing to undergo and big for these injections even at the risk of the procedure being performed by non medical licensed people as Smedley.
Smedley claims this phase started well before the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez’s of the world. Smedley said the trend began with requests from transgenders and strippers in urban America long before the world even knew who Kimmie Cakes and J-Lo were, and then the referrals just came from managers to artist and industry clients then everyday housewives and everyday people. Until standing in front of a judge awaiting sentencing Smedley truly thought she was helping women w their self esteem issues.
Visit the author’s website www.kimberlysmedly.com for more information about The Backside of the Story.
Click http://amzn.to/1AdqfnH after August 13th and/or download the book on Kindle or visit your local book store Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, or Target and copies will be available for your reading pleasure. If you visit a store and they do not carry the book please send us an email to Jonellmediapr@gmail.com


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