'LHHNY's' Tahiry Hospitalized After Backstage Beat Down at NYFW

Someday, these pseudo-males will get enough of reaching out and putting their hands on women without provocation or justification. Turns out that we have another famous personality involved in a male-female beat down, with the female getting the worst of it.
“Love and Hip Hop New York” reality star Tahiry was savagely beaten backstage at the New York Fashion, just prior to her walking the runway for Toure Designs, reports Bossip.com.
There are scant details as to the specifics of Tahiry’s injuries, or what exactly provoked the producer to haul off and maul Joe Budden’s ex-girl in front of others, but the online publication reported the following:
“Yesterday, while preparing to walk in her first runway show with Toure Designs, reality star Tahiry Jose was viciously attacked by (a gentleman) who was purported to be a producer of the Helen Mills event venue, where the show was to be held. The so-called producer had shown a strong disliking towards Tahiry from the beginning of their interaction, with everything from rude comments to an utter lack of respect for her as a woman. (The people with Helen Mills deny that this “producer” ever worked for, or was ever employed by them). One bystander who witnessed the attack stated that the altercation began when Tahiry questioned the alleged producer as to why he was being so rude to her, which triggered him to “black out” on her, spewing foul commentary as he walked closer to her. After Tahiry warned him not to speak to her that way, he got closer began strike her. During the attack, the man repeatedly struck Tahiry multiple times while attempting to drag her by her hair. It took 7-8 men to pull him off of her.”
Tahiry, a former model and TV personality who’s instantly recognizable in public because of her very voluptuous (and protruding) attributes, was reportedly checked into the Lenox Hill Hospital on Monday evening after she was accosted and beaten, but she was later checked out and allowed to go home where she is now recovering. She is said to still be in pain.
Bossip.com also had this about what may have initiated the violence:
We also received word that the representative from PR firm who handled the event may have been at the out of the problem, as she “continuously belittling” and disrespectful towards Tahiry’s team, who arrived early to prepare for the show. During the attack, the PR rep was also seen standing idly by, watching it all take place, before later forcing Tahiry and her team to be held in a room, thus delaying their exit from the venue to the hospital to tend to her injuries. Following the incident, the show itself was cancelled and rescheduled for a later date.
No word yet on whether the perpetrator of this alleged dastardly deed has been arrested or whether Tahiry pressed charges. Stay tuned to further developments in this case.

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