Toyota Exec Talks Collaboration With Oprah on 'The Life You Want' Tour

Alva P. Adams-Mason, center, met with the media and bloggers prior to the start of “The Life You Want Weekend” in Atlanta.

Toyota is committed to recognizing and empowering individuals making bold choices both personally and in their communities.
Alva P. Adams-Mason, the national manager for African American Business Strategy Group, said Toyota wanted to align themselves with world influencer Oprah Winfrey and “The Life You Want” national tour because because both are helping people to “go places” as well as share the values of innovation, commitment to the community and improving the lives of others.
“We thought it was great because Toyota is about empowering people, and our brand is ‘Let’s Go Places.’ That tied in very well with Oprah’s theme. So it seemed like an appropriate partnership — with Toyota encouraging people and Oprah hosting “The Life You Want Tour” — we thought the two tied in very well,” Adams-Mason said. “We want to empower people. My focus is on African Americans. We want to let people in the community know that we care about their lives and the kind of lives they lead. We always want to empower and be inspirational.”tlyw
Adams-Mason was like the rest of the multitudes of mostly women (but included many men) who poured into Phillips Arena in Atlanta in that she came away inspired by the energy of the highly-anticipated event and reinvigorated to reach even higher in life.
“I was very, very moved by this entire Oprah tour (stop) here in Atlanta,” she said. “It was extremely inspiring and just validated some of my own personal thoughts about spirituality and life and being empowered and speaking positively.”

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