NFL Players Speak Out Against Ray Rice After Knockout Video Shown

Ray Rice, right, and his wife at a press conference in suburban Baltimore to explain what happened without going into detail. The public now has access to the very graphic video showing the details Rice desperately tried to skirt around.

A few NFL players spoke up loudly and publicly soon after the video showing Ray Rice actually throwing a devastating close-fist punch that knocked his then-fiance Jonay Palmer unconscious in a New Jersey casino elevator.
That man should be thrown out of the NFL and thrown in jail” exclaimed Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton tweeted a few moments ago. “Shame on those deciding his punishment. Smh.”
Knighton continued, calling his fellow players to action.
Longtime linebacker Scott Fujita, a former vice president of the NFLPA’s executive committee, shared Knighton’s sentiments about what he’d do to Rice.
“I’m glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday’s games,” he wrote. “This piece of s*** needs to be out of the league. Period.”
The Ravens are also wiping the egg off their faces because they played a big part in protecting Rice’s honor, to the extent of live-tweeting his wife’s apology for getting knocked unconscious. But it’s good to know that members of Rice’s own fraternity of players are willing to say what the rest of the world is thinking.
Here are Knighton’s thoughts in full:
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