Jill Scott's Leaked 'Nude' Photos Incited Cruel Jokes on Twitter

Jill Scott side thang
You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beloved artist, both as a singer and actress, than Jill Scott.
So why is black Twitter taking such savage pleasure in ripping the “A Long Walk” singer when she just became the latest victim of the serial photo hacker?
The swiftness and viciousness in which the legion of Twitter trolls delight in eviscerating one of their own because of any real or perceived physical imperfection is baffling, mystifying as well as mortifying. Contrast this response to how Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian were treated by the populace and media.
Besides, Scott responded on Twitter to explain that the nude photo was not even her. Notice how the face is covered up in the topless photo (for those who ventured onto social media to see).
In addition to her response, it was good to see some of Jill Scott’s fans step up to her defense and repel the haters trolling Twitter and hunting for easy prey to rip to pieces.
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