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The Best Parts of 'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part II'

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The much-anticipated “Love and Hip Hop Reunion Part II got cracking early and often immediately following Benzino‘s shade on Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez  about their alleged addiction to cocaine.
Before comedienne Sommone even had time to clear her throat to officially begin the second part of the reunion, fists and bad intentions began flying and slick hair weaves were being yanked out all over the set. The most frustrating part for fans of LAHHATL is that they had to wait an entire week to see how it all really went down in Part II.
The wait is over. Here are the highlights from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Reunion Part II.”

Stevie J and Joseline stormed after Benzino and Althea after the perceived slight about their alleged cocaine addiction, permanently ruining the set and the atmosphere. Hernandez was a woman possessed, first sucker punching Benzino’s fiancé Althea, then tries to punch Tammy Rivera but pulls off her ponytail instead.
Finally, she gets ahold of Mimi Faust and really yanks out her weave. Even Waka’s mom Deb Antney gets caught in the middle of the Tammy fight. “She came up like Herucules,” Deb says. “We were not dealing with a human at the time.”

Tammy Rivera, wife of rapper Waka Flocka, clotheslined Joseline verbally because of her erratic behavior she says is fueled by mental issues, insecurity and drugs. In the beginning of Season 3, Joseline Hernandez and Tammy seemed to be pals, but it quickly degenerated into linguistic cat fights.
Speaking to “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion” host and comedian Sommore, Rivera said, “if I invite you to my home, I invite you to my presence. We’re women, don’t be intimidated by someone’s presence and try to throw shots at them. Don’t try to act like you’re higher than someone when you’re not even that.”
Rivera also added that she can go there with Hernandez, but she says it’s juvenile to be fighting at their ages: “To me beef is like you feel the way you felt and I felt the way I felt and we expressed it. Do I see you and want to fight you? I mean we can go there, I come from that. But, I’m a grown woman with a nine year old daughter, I don’t have time for that.”

Stevie J’s ex-girlfriend and mother of their child Mimi Faust skyrocketed to national fame and infamy due to her dubiously produced sex tape with ex-boyfriend Nikko Smith. Most people believe that Nikko, who is married, purposely sent the video to the porno producers in Hollywood in order to make money off of her fame.


The consensus from the entire cast of LAHHATL is that Stevie J and Joseline are not really married.
“It’s fire on fire,” Mimi says, while Yung Joc dubs it a “tragic romance.”

The balance of the part II of the LAHHATL reunion was devoted to Joseline and her batty behavior and how she’s become addicted to fame and violence.
“A lot of people can’t handle fame,” Momma Dee says. “A monster has been created. The only way to put this fire out is to extinguish it.”

Sommone also appropriated some time discussing the “bromance” between “frenemies” Stevie J and Benzino. Karlie Redd, Benzino’s ex, calls their connection “weird.” Kirk Frost says he had never seen Benzino so on edge and angry. “This is a different Benzino,’ he surmised.