Manny Pacquiao Bashes Floyd Mayweather's Lack of Education, Reading Ability

Round 1 goes to Manny Pacquiao.
Pretty Boy Floyd’s arch-rival Pacquiao has joined up 50 Cent and Nelly’s lead in offering a wholesale verbal beatdown of Floyd Mayweather for his apparent lack of formal education and blatant illiteracy despite his many millions.
The Filipino known as “Pac Man” was doing a comprehensive interview with when he started beating down Money Mayweather, much the way some believe he would do in person
“I think I finally understand him, what he says, how he acts, and I don’t like it.”
“But what l learned and heard from him, well, I realize why he is like that. I understand sometimes when the people are not educated they just talk to talk. He sets a very bad example.”
Mayweather’s erudition — or glaring lack thereof — has been mocked with aplomb as of late after Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, mocked the world champion fighter’s inability to read and Nelly trashing him for allegedly failing to graduate high school.
Mayweather has been mysteriously silent with the barrage of criticism — with the exception of him posting his multimillion-dollar checks on Instagram —  but his father went off on his behalf, dismissing 50 and his legion of critics as “player haters.”
We wonder if Pac Man’s inflammatory remarks will be enough to entice Mayweather to respond as he normally does.

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